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Frankie the Ram

Frankie was a sweet, gentle-hearted ram. I loved watching him run around the field with the rest of the flock.

All four lambs would come trotting down the hill to see me every time I visited them. Their “baa” that echoed throughout the valley sounded like “maa.” It was precious. They would meet me at the inner gate, which is a strong inner fence where we keep the sheep safe at night. We call the area where they are free to roam around the property, the outer gate.

Last August something shifted and Frankie started distancing himself from the rest of the flock. He hung out in the trees by himself during the day, and at night he would slowly make his way to the inner gate. He even secluded himself in the inner gate.

Sometimes the other sheep would eat the grass next to Frankie and I would get a spark of hope that he would make a friend, but it never happened. Frankie continued to keep to himself.

One fall night, we put all the sheep in the inner gate except for Frankie. We gave him some extra food in hopes to fatten him up a little. We left the inner gate unlocked so that Frankie could go to bed when he was done eating.

The next morning I looked out the window and saw Frankie lying on the ground with Jessie (our ewe) standing next to him. He stayed in the outer pasture by himself all night. The temperature had dropped during the night and our little guy got hypothermia.

Sweet Jessie was pressing her head against him trying to get him up, but he wouldn’t move. I wrapped him in a sleeping bag and took him to our shed to try to make him better, but it didn’t work.

I searched the web aimlessly trying to find a cure for my little ram, but no remedies. Everything I read said that once a ram or ewe gives up, they die. We made our little guy as comfortable as possible and hoped for the best, but he died that afternoon.

If Frankie would have stayed with the rest of the flock that night, he wouldn’t have gotten sick. He would have shared their body heat and stayed warm. But, because Frankie separated himself from his sister and brothers he put himself in danger and died.

We will always remember our sweet little ram and are thankful for the time we had with him.